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March 28, 2007

Site Purpose

This site is primarily for Christians who are investigating their faith, but may also prove of interest to those investigating Christianity.

Faith and Doubt

There are many times in our lives when we feel doubt concerning our beliefs. Sometimes these doubts arise as a product of our own questioning, and sometimes they arise as a product of our being questioned or challenged by others.

Such doubts and questions are not necessarily unhealthy. Nor are they necessarily a symptom of lack of faith, or disbelief. Ours should not be a blind faith, but an informed faith, and questioning is natural for a mind honestly seeking the truth. Truth can withstand any questioning, though the answers may not be what we expect or prefer.

Faith Not Blind

An informed faith is one which is based on actual evidence, which does not simply say ‘I don’t have any evidence for my beliefs, I just have faith’, but which says ‘I have enough evidence for my beliefs to convince me that I am worth placing my faith in that which I cannot entirely prove’.

There are times however when answers appear out of reach. Perhaps we do not know how to find a particular answer, perhaps the question is presented in a way which obscures the answer, or perhaps we simply cannot see how there could be an answer. Then again, whilst there are answers for every question, we may not find every answer. Some questions will always remain, and in such cases we must rely on faith. The answers to the majority of our questions should ground us in the confidence that what we believe is true. Our faith should be based on what we do know, not from what we do not know, or cannot know.


In the following posts, an assessment will be made of various questions and challenges to the Christian faith as it is presented in the Bible. They are not presented as the only possible answers, nor intended to be a substitute for personal enquiry. They are presented as a resource which questioning minds may find useful, and which doubting minds may find strengthening.