Article: The Genesis Flood (1/4)

April 5, 2007


The Genesis flood record is not an embarrassing mess of unlikely circumstances and implausible descriptions like the other Mesopotamian flood stories. It is an accurate account of a genuine historical event. It is superior to the records of the 3rd millennium flood left by other Mesopotamian cultures, showing a direct knowledge of the events and careful attention to detail.

The information in the Genesis flood record is reliable, and is proved so by archaeological findings. There was a real Noah, a real ark, and a real flood. There was a real judgment, sent by a real God.

In this first article (of four), the following questions are addressed:

* Was the flood local or global?
* Is there any physical evidence for the flood?
* Are there any other ancient records of the flood?
* Was the Genesis flood story copied from the older flood stories?

Article here.


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