Article: Is Christianity At War With Science? (1/20)

June 11, 2007

Is Christianity At War With Science?

: Christianity is commonly believed to be in a permanent state of conflict with science, which has supposedly continued throughout the centuries ever since Christianity first emerged. The origin of this supposition is revealed, and the entire argument demonstrated to be false. The popular idea that Christianity has systematically repressed science, persecuted scientists, and generally opposed reason and rational enquiry, is disproved.

Considerable evidence is provided that Christianity has historically been in harmony with science (with few notable exceptions), and that Christians have historically encouraged both the use of reason and rational enquiry. The allegation that Christianity has traditionally appealed to ‘blind faith’ is rejected on the basis of overwhelming historical evidence.

It is also demonstrated that a significant number of the most influential scientific minds in recorded human history have not only been Christians, but have found the Christian faith to be completely compatible with science, and have even been inspired by their Christian beliefs to enquire intelligently concerning the world around them, being led by such a spirit to unique discoveries.

Article here.


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