Article: Is Christianity At War With Science? (2/20)

June 12, 2007

The truth is that the systematic and widespread repression of science and persecution of scientists by Christianity is a complete myth, as a number of modern historians acknowledge:

The myth of conflict first really got going during the Enlightenment (itself a description intended to derogate earlier eras) with the fiercely anti-clerical French philosophes.

In his Discours Preliminaire, D’Alembert paints a picture of men of the Renaissance finally throwing off the shackles of church domination so that rational enquiry can at last begin.

This idea, exposed as rubbish by studies of the highly rational scholastic thought of the Middle Ages by the likes of Edward Grant and Alexander Murray, was continued through the nineteenth century with historians like John William Draper.’

James Hannaman, ‘The Mythical Conflict between Science and Religion’, 2003-2005

Despite a developing consensus among scholars that science and Christianity have not been at war, the notion of conflict has refused to die.’

David Lindberg, Hilldale Professor Emeritus of the History of Science at the University of Wisconsin, as quoted in ‘The Mythical Conflict between Science and Religion’, James Hannaman, 2003-2005

Article here.


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