Article: Is Christianity At War With Science? (16/20)

August 3, 2007

The following is a continuing list of Christians down through the centuries who, far from being constantly at war with science (commonly called ‘natural philosophy’ in previous times), took an active interest in seeking to understand how the universe worked. The first page in this list is here.

1822-1906: Henry Baker Tristram: An Anglican priest and ornithologist, who spent years in the Middle East. A number of birds are named after him in recognition of his ornithological contributions. An avid author, he produced works on a range of subjects, and many of his books had to do with his great interest in the history of the Middle East, especially as it related to the Bible:

  • The Great Sahara (1860)
  • The Land of Israel, a Journal of Travels with Reference to Its Physical History (1865)
  • The Natural History of the Bible (1867)
  • The Daughters of Syria (1872)
  • Land of Moab (1874)
  • Pathways of Palestine (1882)
  • The Fauna and Flora of Palestine (1884)
  • Eastern Customs in Bible Lands (1894)
  • Rambles in Japan (1895)

The last work listed here (somewhat incongruously), was the result of a trip to Japan to visit his daughter, working there as a missionary.

Article here.


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